Help Me

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Sometimes asking for help is the hardest thing to do

In the darkest days, you fail to speak,
Kept it all inside, no help you seek.
In those troubled times, only had to say,
Deep in your mind, the shadows at play.

In recess of mind, dark clings at edge,
You don't speak out, on a proverbial ledge.
In your battered heart, the pain does bleed,
Without uttering a word, inside you do plead.

In these dark days, no glimpse of light,
Too late to speak, this just isn't right.
In these final days, all dreams do collapse,
Cant cope with life, the mind just snaps.

In more silent days, locked in your mind,
Perhaps it is peace, you will now find.
In these sad days, lost to us all,
We never did know, depth you did fall.

In those last minutes, wish you had spoke,
So we could help, before your mind broke.
In these last seconds, the pain we see,
But you never said, the words HELP ME.

L Walsdorf SO well written! & Craig I hope you always know that asking for help is ok & welcomed anytime
H Mann beautifuly written but a certain air of sadness about it and perhaps despair
S Walker another great poem...its how i feel so often
J Hooren thought provoking poem craig sometimes 'help me' are the hardest words to say
D Cox .. very moving .. x
H Mann that sounds sad craig.

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