The Hedgehog

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This tiny little thing, all covered in spikes,
Is Hornby the Hedgehog, hope you all likes.
Out on his travels, a big adventure tonight,
Has to be brave, not have a fright.

This is a first, out on his own,
To travel a distance, so far from home.
As the light dims, he now gets ready,
His big adventure starts, when dark is steady.

This tiny little thing, sets out this night,
To explore all things, till the morning light.
Has to stay brave, can not be scared,
For the other hedgehogs, has all so dared.

Well what is this, a stone that talks,
And seams to glide, in-stead of walks.
Oh now I know, it is a snail,
I must be careful, it's shell is frail.

This tiny little thing, keeps on its route,
Knows to avoid owls, in trees they hoot.
Eyes to the sky, listen for any sound,
That let him know, he has been found.

Reaches the corner now, seams so very far,
What is this creature, sat under the car.
It is so round, and not very tall,
Oh of course silly, a child's foot-ball!

This tiny little thing, still keeps going strong,
Seams like for ages, but not been long.
Over there the cat, that doesn't even move,
Sits there all day, with nothing to prove.

There's the next corner, just past the door,
Such a great adventure, what else in store.
He passes the cat, no expression on face,
Just stands looking forward, not moving from place.

This tiny little thing, stops for a drink,
Has travelled so far, but still can think.
Great distance for him, on this dark night,
And still there's nothing, to give him fright.

In the waters reflection, he sees them there,
Just round the corner, that is not fair.
Ready to jump out, and make him run,
Well let me see, let's have some fun.

This tiny little thing, went back not far,
To get the toy, from under the car.
Rolled it past cat, who just didn't move,
Towards the other hedgehogs, bravery he will prove.

Just at the corner, hidden by the toy,
The grin he had, so full of joy.
As he got there, gave it a push,
He heard them shout, when hit the bush.

This tiny little thing, Hornby is his name,
Laughed out so loud, had spoilt their game.
The soon did laugh, said he was clever,
To push the ball, that's made of leather.

They walk with him, as he nears home,
The adventure had started, out on his own.
His friends did say, he was so brave,
And from now on, they would now behave!

L Walsdorf luv it!!!

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner