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Sometimes no weapon stronger than words is needed to wound

Don't hold a knife, but cut deep inside,
My anguish and pain, so impossible to hide.
What once was special, sour it's now become,
Perfection we did have, has all come undone.

Didn't shoot a gun, felt impact of shot,
Straight to my heart, target you have got.
Once was my dream, now so long gone,
Oh why did this, have to be wrong.

No noose to fasten, felt the long drop,
My heart torn apart, this pain must stop.
Promise of so much, yet never knew me,
You brought me down, not what should be.

No pyre was lit, but left me burned,
From what you were, I guess I learned.
I am no saint, just a flawed man,
Try always my best, It's all I can.

No water on me, yet I feel submerged,
The pain and hurt, hard put into words.
I can not drown, not at this time,
That's why we part, I drew the line.

The words you used, stop me from sleep,
I feel the shot, and the waters deep.
Tight around my neck, and up in flames,
It all ends now, no more hurting names.

H Mann like is a strange button to use for such a strong poem, the words can be used for any form of hurt so I wish they'd have other buttons on here other than LIKE!!!!
J Hooren hugs
K Bradbury a button like agree......
I Walker How true!

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