Jane Hooren 2012

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With camera to hand, does walk many miles,
Unless it is cold, does it with smiles.
A love of sheep, and a wind turbine,
Throw in some trees, and Jane is fine.

Her family and friends, could not do without,
If I mention age, will get a clout.
But a friend true, we celebrate this way,
Jane hope you have, the most wonderful birthday.

J Osborne, Jane Hooren and 3 others like this.
S Hooren that makes her 43!! pmsl!!
C Wadner Your risking it lol :)
S Hooren i like walking on the 'wild' side!! lol xx
J Hooren thank u craig def sums me up rather well lol brrrr to cold and ohhh sheeeeps lol
C Wadner ‎:) forgot to mention the wine :)
J Hooren hmmmm wine lol

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