View of Kings (Bolsover)

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To get the best view, You must be up high,
Build your castle right there, Near to touching the sky.
You view the great sights, The most amazing of views,
Looked on by a princess, And kings and queens too.

This castle stands so proud, But so little in stature,
So minute in its build, No one bothered to capture.
Medieval time come and gone, Not diminished is the view.
Perfect place to be built, The knew what to do.

Standing on the hill side, With such a commanding stance.
You can imaging the kings, Royal event or a dance.
Then after its all done, The terrace for a walk.
Where the prince and princess, Would laugh as the talk.

Such a view of Kings, So hard to now find.
Most of these great buildings, We find ruins left behind.
But we look over country, As they would have done.
The sense of the forever, Now feels to have begun.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner