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This is a poem made from the words my friend Ladine said one day on chat:)
The start of a series of poems (i hope) made from a few lines of text from peoples chats about events thats means something to them.

Being creative, Is what I do well,
I enjoy what I do, I hope you can tell.
I love getting feedback, the pictures I take,
And on the paintings, and ceramics I make.

I love to create, something from scratch,
Putting items together, in a perfect match
I love to hear the nice words, from all of the people
When I never realised, they were that good at all.

I really enjoy, all the creative things.
And look forward, to what tomorrow brings.
Be a sunset photo, so bright, and so red,
Or a painting of poppies, so lovely instead.

Copyright 1990 - 2023 Craig Wadner