Ladine's Holiday

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A poem about last year when Ladine came to visit, a bit of history now showing where we did travel and what we did, the people we saw, what we did see, and of course about the rain!!!

On this a Saturday, I await the plane,
Brings to me Ladine, and also the rain!
She walks through door, is so very tired,
Home in the car, a little bit wired!

On this a Sunday, my mum's we go,
Whilst we are there, a meal you know.
We visit a church, that's only a tower,
And one that's twisted, only taking an hour.

On this a Monday, a trip with rain,
Thornton abbey is closed, oh that's a pain.
Barton churches the same, what should we do,
The Humber bridge then, and what a view.

Still on the Monday, trip to a castle,
It's not so far, Conisborough is no hassle.
Later that same day, a wind turbine shot,
By time for bed, so tired we got.

On this a Tuesday, set off in rain,
Went to Whitby Abbey, the rain stopped again.
A view we had, over Cayton cliffed bay,
And stop at Flamborough, met David that day.

On this a Wednesday, to Bolsover a drive,
To the little castle, in rain did arrive.
But again the weather, cleared when we walked,
Around the little castle, about history we talked.

On this a Thursday, so much to do,
To ruined Jervaulx abbey, and Marmion tower too.
Fountains abbey gave wow's, please now don't mock,
Dales, castle and bridge, and chapel in rock

On this a Friday, trip to the bridge,
Drive to Great Grimsby, on the coastal ridge.
Meet with my daughter, dock tower as well,
With moon looking down, great night to tell.

On this a Saturday, take grace to 2021
We make some sculptures, even I made one.
After we had been, Thornton abbey we go,
Plenty of the wow's, that I do know.

On this a Sunday, trip to Brodsworth Hall,
Walked around the house, with marble effect wall.
A treat in gardens, band in good tone,
Then over to Grimsby, take daughter back home.

On this a Monday, a very long way,
The winds at Stonehenge, nearly blew us away.
So ancient the stones, before we continue drive,
Via salisbury we go, in Bournemouth we arrive.

On this a Tuesday, we head to Dorset,
Stop at Corfe castle, and avoid getting wet.
Drive through Swanage bay, stop at durdle door,
Then Bournmouth full moon, couldn’t ask for more.

On this a Wednesday, we headed Portsmouth way,
Lovely meal at Karens, our place to stay.
The Royal Garison church, and red telephone box,
Spinnaker tower and Victory, pictures we took lots.

On this a Thursday, Tichfield abbey we know,
Then a quick drink, before home we go.
Long drive we have, stop for a bite,
We arrive in Scunthorpe, and sleep the night,

On this a Friday, travel around Scunthorpe town,
For a work day, loads of people around.
Some time to relax, then grace we get,
Over to my mums, who starts to fret.

On this a Saturday, it’s the last day,
Wish it not so, wish you could stay.
Jullian's Bower and quarry, last day does unravel.
Then early to bed, for the long travel.

On this a Sunday, we travel so far,
Back to the airport, going in the car.
We stop many times, to cry we might,
Although is so hard, she catches her flight.

.........and go course now Ladine is back, and staying this time.

K Bradbury Lovely I have said before so pleased for you both...
L Walsdorf Thank you Craig this really does bring back the memories of a lovely holiday last year :-)
D Hollingworth A record of a special time set to verse and saved for eternity, so pleased of course the poem ends as a new life starts
H Mann can't add anything more than David, lovely words you have written
I Walker This is beautiful. Needs to be framed!

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