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Day 8 366@40

Beams so quickly flash, flood over the bay,
Cut through the fog, like it's still day.
Safe in the beam, this arc of light,
This beacon up high, in line of sight.

Cut through the wind, rain and the snow,
Help guide the ships, where they should go.
The light is kept, so clean and bright,
For all the ships, that travel at night.

Warn to the ships, don't come too near,
Light is a sign, to dissolve any fear.
No risk then now, of a wreck tonight,
Whilst it does shine, out pure and bright.

J Hooren like lighthouses love sitting at flamborough on the cliffs looking at the lighthouse :)
L Walsdorf Well written Craig :-)
K Bradbury I just never see the lighthouse only the castle,lol.....
H Mann very visual poem, well written :-)
S Walker love, love, love it!!!!!!


Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner