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Never stay in an abusive relationship

You say you love me, tell me all the time.
Yet you tell the world, that you are not mine.
Don't say you do care, you just make me sad.
You don't make any effort, Make me feel so bad.

It is always my fault, when I catch you lie,
Me that is to blame, I just never know why.
One day I will walk, be brave and get away,
But until that day comes, I just have to stay.

You say that its me, I cause all the pain,
No blame do you take, does your ego now gain?
Do I deserve all this, hurtful names you are calling,
You must really hate me, now down stairs I'm falling.

Walked into a darn door, and excuse used yet again,
Hope no one does notice, or I get more pain.
You say you love me, yet I know that's untrue,
Only here to be used, love to hurt me too.

Must be so damn clumsy, no one understands you see,
Think I'm so very lucky, to have you with me.
You break all my bones, and make me feel sick,
Blame me for it all, as you punch and kick.

Another night you work late, Find you in a lie,
No excuse do you give, you say I shouldn't pry.
Broken hearted and so sad, I sit in the quiet,
For when you get home, and start a noisy riot.

The kids are too noisy, so my fault yet again,
Once there in the bed, I expect some more pain.
I hide all the marks, the kids do no know,
In summer wear long clothes, so marks do not show.

I don't say a word, I take what you give,
If it continues too long, don't know if I'll live.
Emotionally now am so drained, I do at your will,
I take all the insults, all my own fault still.

You used to love me, never hurt me at all,
When I was with you, you made me stand tall.
Proud I was of you, I gave you my life,
What I got in return, you caused me such strife.

What happened to my life, wrong turn I did make,
Stuck with an evil monster, Best years you did take.
It is time to escape, grab the kids and run,
You never agreed to this, you thought would be fun.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner