The Lincolnshire Uprising

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The peasants are so revolting, an uprising they say,
Because King Henry the Eighth, corruption was his way.
In year fifteen thirty six, such long time ago,
The faiths were so concerned, the uprising did show.

His act was made clear, all religions we appalled,
To remove the all errors, a reformation was called.
Thomas Cromwell his main advisor, so ruthless a man,
Who had built Tattershall Castle, had devised the plan.

Lack of support was rising, for another Henry Divorce,
The known act of supremacy, to change faiths course.
All of the religious property, now property of crown,
The buildings and the relics, from country and town.

Suppression of all the monasteries, the commissioner's were sent,
To take all their property, by force they meant.
But uprising started from Louth, Market Rasen and Horncastle,
Stopped fast in their tracks, the uprising became a hassle.

The uprising on its own, not against the king,
Only of his bad choice, and trouble it bring.
Commissioners books were so burned, which showed the reaction,
With fifty thousand people there, camped ready for action,

To avoid any further trouble, armed forces were sent,
The protesters did dis-band, a pardon this meant.
A shoemaker and a vicar, would both be hung,
The uprising was now stalled, so quick it begun.

So many fine religious houses, destroyed in its wake,
To unify a country's faith, for the Kings sake.
Not many ruins are found, torn down for resistance,
The kind did so ensure, were wiped from existence.

And of this fine county, the Lincolnshire of old,
The king did so speak, and this he told,
Of all these fine people, he did over whelm,
"The most brute and beastly shire of the realm."

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner