Lock Keeper

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Day 20 (With day 19 picture) 366@40

They enter the lock, sit and just float,
Lock keeper does check, tied up their boat.
The siren goes off, gates behind now close,
Wont be long now, the lock master knows.

All lights are red, siren still making noise,
Some adults look with, some girls and boys.
Water is being drained, the boats does drop,
It reaches a level, then it does stop.

With a loud creak, lower gates move apart,
People on the boat, get ready to depart.
With gates wide open, the ropes they release,
The lights stay red, and siren doesn't cease.

The little boat moves, out through the gates,
To the lock keeper, wave like their mates.
When they are clear, lock keeper he goes,
Low gates he shuts, the water again flows.

Lock is soon filled, ready for upper gate,
Which then creak open, whilst we do wait.
All back to normal, silence in the air,
Green lights now on, can cross with care.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner