Love of my life

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Now i have found the love of my life, but this was before then :)

The love of my life, is yet to be found,
Looked over there, and all around.
In the market, and even in the street,
The love of my life, one day I will meet.

The love of my life, is looking for me,
Searching all places, but still does not see.
On the computer, or around and about,
Hoping to find me, I'm here I do shout.

The love of my life, must be out there,
She must be lost, I just don't know where.
I must try harder, need to do this right,
Want to love her, and cuddle up at night.

The love of my life, when she finds me,
She will be loving, and as kind as can be.
Beauty so deep, and a heart of pure gold,
We can then be together, as we grow old.

S Evans It's lovely. XX
S Evans It's very touching!! XX
S Walker I just love this poem!!

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