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Help those that are lonely.

You can be alone, in a crowded space,
Behind a smile mask, hides your face.
When you are lonely, depression comes first,
It progresses daily, makes you feel worse.

You can be alone, and no one knows,
Because of your smile, to them it glows.
Always there, to help and gives advice,
The person who is always, so very nice.

You can be alone, yet loads think your great,
But a miserable life, is your depressing fate.
You don't understand, you are lonely when,
No invites, and when did you last visit them?

You can be alone, and live on your own,
The only contact, internet or phone.
You comfort yourself, by eating food,
The extra weight, doesn't lighten the mood.

You can be alone, but you should not be,
It doesn't take genius, to stop and see.
Friendship goes both ways, and that is true,
So don't forget the friend, who is there for you.

N Coker ッ Very sad :( a touching poem :)
S Woods sounds like my world
H Mann some parts of that are also like my world. A very vivid portrayal of the loneliness we all feel at some time or another Craig
S Lees Oh that is a sad reminder to me when my first husband died prematurely I was surrounded by friends and family and felt so terribly alone so from that dreadful time to this day I make a conscious effort to enjoy each day like its the last and it works well for me :-)
L Godin Wow such a touching poem & how true it does seem if you let depression grasp hold of you & you can't break free.....

I Walker very true!
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