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Loneliness can take over your life.

Loneliness is an illness, I'm not being unkind,
The sort without cure, that you quickly find.
No body to chat, nobody here to care,
Leave the tv on, to pretend someone's there.

Even when you sleep, feel ever more alone,
Nobody to hold you, or even to phone.
With any sweet wishes, of a good night,
Restless you do stay, now is that right?

Night come so fast, but so does dawn,
If you never woke, would any body morn?
Someone to miss you, and to be kind,
To help you relax, and start to unwind.

Take each rejection bad, but laugh it away,
Just wish some body, would hold me today.
No matter how many, say they do care,
All alone you sit, the wall you stare.

A salesman does call, talk for so long,
Never would want product, just want to belong.
You feel so incomplete, jigsaw with missing piece,
Just wishing the hurt, deep inside will cease.

I never gave up, search for that one,
Some body to hold, care when I'm gone.
Never do I find, any body to match,
Because I am not, any body's ideal catch.

So I did decide, close friends will replace,
The gap in my life, they can fill space.
No matter how hard, I did then try,
More and more alone, I don't know why.

Only one answer be, am I really bad,
Why have I made, all my friends mad.
Pull out of it, I don't want to hear,
Well I do pretend, inside i do fear.

Tell them I'm ok, they don't need know,
How much inside me, I'm unhappy now so.
In a room full, I'm lonely how come?
They are not friends, I am truly lonesome.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner