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A poem of love for a beautiful girl, and if you know a single one, let me know ;)

The look of love, written about so much,
Scent of her perfume, sensation when you touch.
Her eyes so clear, pierce into your soul,
To keep her happy, is your only goal.

Her skin so soft, a silky smooth sheen,
You care so much, can easilly be seen.
Eyes are open wide, look straight at you,
Could never leave her, pray she wont too.

Hair is so soft, so lovely to touch,
Her body so fine, perfect just as such.
The voice of an angel, spoke from sensual lips,
Sway from her body, from her perfect hips.

From top of head, to her little toe,
Not at all wrong, her beauty does show.
You love this girl, with your loving heart,
Be with her now, and never do part.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner