Love Too

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A poem of love for a beautiful girl.

The look of love, in eyes wide open,
You know its true, not even been spoken.
She is so lovely, and all so caring,
So lucky to be, in her life sharing.

The caress of hair, the feel of skin,
Beauty is so strong, where do I begin.
Her eyes shine bright, like star at night,
Lips that are full, curving up just right.

Her body so perfect, just right for me,
Nothing is too big, in proportion is she.
Would not change her, nothing is too small,
Not even too short, or a little too tall.

She looks at me, with those clear eyes,
Right in my being, there is no surprise.
Cant ever forget her, too special you see,
Such a lucky man, she is with me.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner