Love is

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love not lust

The softness you feel,
As lips do touch,
Your heart does swell,
The thought of such.

Silkiness of her hair,
As your fingers explore,
You know it's real,
And eager for more.

The softness you feel,
Of skin so fine,
As your fingers travel,
Up along her spine.

Shine in her eyes,
Said this is true,
You know it's right,
And what to do.

The warmth you feel,
As you do embrace,
Your bodies do entwine,
In each others space.

Heat of becoming one,
Your dreams made real,
You know it's love,
That you both feel.

The warmth in heart,
As love is made,
The sense of union,
Will never ever fade.

Beauty you have found,
You fit just right,
Know it is forever,
That starts this night.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner