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Beware the moon, that is shining bright,
The demon walks, on this full night.
Human by day, is the clever disguise,
But look close, wolf in it's eyes,

Beware the creature, at night it walks,
The demon within, it's prey it stalks.
Human by day, so nice to know,
You look within, the wolf does show.

Beware the wolf, in clothes does stand,
The demon claws, you life it's demand.
Caution by day, just a smoke screen,
You look close, and start to scream.

Beware the path, the wolf does wait,
The demon trap, your in a state.
Creature by night, you run in fright,
You look behind, in the dark night.

Beware the night, and what is inside,
The demon lair, you have to hide.
Creature by night, the wolf does prey,
The look toward, to light of day.


H Mann ooooh scary!!!, well written though perfect for the moon tonight