MBS Mind Body and Spirit

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At the MBS event, the music does play,
As children do search, for feathers this day.
Soaps that do smell, of things so nice,
And all thing religious, at a good price.

Burners for your incense, and a book stall,
A healing foot massage, there's something for all.
The cafe so busy, for the hungry mass,
Whilst all the tables, we swiftly do pass.

From crystals to candles, which you can burn,
And there's the talks, so we can learn.
All for the mind, the body and spirit,
The union of all, they do now fit.

The stallholders are kind, all with a smile,
Even your not buying, still go extra mile.
For each of religions, and each every way,
You will so find, on this MBS day.

H Mann very descriptive of the event, hope you all enjoyed it
Author we did thank you :)

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