As we do approach, the season of cheer,
Our thoughts are mixed, and include the fear,
As time draws near, tears they do flow,
Our friend so ill, that we do know.

Time does not slow, slips away so fast,
Our hearts are torn, thoughts of this past.
A shadow is cast, so clear to see,
The dark cloud looms, for friends and family

What will shall be, we offer our prayer,
No suffering we ask, as that's not fair.
Our hearts do tear, after so much fight,
The cruelty of illness, just is not right.

We have the sight, all go through hell,
Whilst heaven can wait, good soul we tell.
We all know well, this season of cheer,
Our thoughts my friend, we love so dear.


B Ipsen you are a good man Craig.. thoughts to that person

S Cockayne Such a beautiful but sad write Craig..... This had me in tears......xxx

S Hugill Heartfelt and beautiful words Craig x

H Mann same here, so sad, well written and very emotional

I Walker This is very touching. I love it!