Mixed Seasons

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366@40 Day 298 270212

The Summer was here, blossum on the trees,
Warmth of the Sun, the gentlest of breeze.
Cool in the shade, plants in full bloom,
Leaves not for long, will be gone soon.

The Autumn did arrive, so slowely this time,
The winds so gentle, leaves are still fine.
Cool in the sunlight, plants are still green,
Leaves should now fall, but not yet seen.

The Winter does come, with it the breeze,
The weather stays wet, with a late freeze.
Coldness in the air, plants still do grow,
Leaves should be gone, before new one's show.

The Spring soon here, Autumn still not done,
Sun starts to warm, the seasons are undone.
Cold in the shade, plants on the ground,
Leaves are still falling, we find all around.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner