Moving in

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Ladine's belonging Arrive

Two months in transit, the belonging do appear,
Is there enough space, the greatest of fear.
The truck with trailer, land train of sort,
Arrives at the house, with boxes it's brought.
The worry is clear, the truck is massive,
But I remain calm, try to be passive.
Not all the truck, and trailer are ours,
A bloomin good job, unloading would take hours.

Two months in transit, read off the tags,
A large TV set, large box of handbags!
The men do deliver, to the right place,
Biggest barbecue I’ve seen, look on my face.
Each box comes off, large box with pictures,
Looks like its everything, including the old fixtures.
All will be opened, and found right spot,
Be merged with mine, the things I've got.

Two months in transit, it is finally here,
There was enough space, no need for fear.
The truck with trailer, does leave in reverse,
Only just enough room, could have been worse.
Boxes in the house, we start to unpack,
The items so fragile, are under the stack.
Cabinet and the shelves, pictures and some linen,
Each box is opened, we are slowly winning.

L Walsdorf just perfect exactly how it is...we will win!
D Hall Awwe Lovely

Copyright 2013 Craig Wadner