Murder of innocents

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My reaction to the shootings in Norway 22-07-11

There is no excuse, Pain it does bring,
The Murder of innocents, Now started to begin.
There is no reason, No religious message sent,
The murder of innocents, And sadness this meant.

There is no answer, You could ever give,
The murder of innocents, In world we live.
There is no right, Cuts like a knife,
The murder of innocents, The taking of life.

There is no cause, For them to die,
The murder of innocents, Need to know why.
There is no time, Right to the top,
The murder of innocents, Has got to stop.

J Hooren coundn't agree more..... a good but very sad poem....thoughts to the families who have lost loved ones
H Mann what a tragedy, 98 lost now. Those poor children, poor parents, ust heartbreaking. Well written
C Wadner i wish i could help those poor innocents in some way :(
S Walker another powerful poem for a senseless act!

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