Flown from the nest

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Day 94 070811 366@40

You work all days, to prepare for this,
Deadlines you must meet, that you cant miss.
A home to build, has to be right,
Somewhere that is warm, and out of sunlight.

You work so hard, to get it right,
Proud of your work, such a lovely sight.
Home is now built, ready for your young,
Wont be long now, final stage has begun.

Your work paid off, they are now here,
Teach them what's right, and what to fear.
Feed them all day, and all night too,
Like your an expert, know what to do.

Your work is rewarded, young grow up fast,
They all have bonded, ties that will last.
But time has come, to give a nudge,
They cant stay here, they have to budge.

Your heart is filled, love you have given,
A new story now, they will be living.
Test against their fear, flown from the nest,
Feet off the ground, its for the best.

Your heart does ache, silence is now here,
The young have flown, no longer a fear.
They will work hard, own home to build,
With their own partner, and young be filled.


Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner