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Soon it is Valentines Day, alone I am no more,
But I do so remember, no cards through the door.
The people I did see, with chocolates or with flowers,
They took out loved ones, and danced through the hours.

Soon it is Valentines Day, so many are so alone,
Some hope all their might, that special one may phone.
Outside all the happy faces, you see them all around,
With lovers on their arms, with the suitor they found.

Soon it is Valentines Day, the seconds do become hours,
The hopes and the dreams, they start to turn sour.
All the people at work, and those you do know,
You think to yourself, don't let dis-appointment show.

Soon it is Valentines Day, whilst you sit all alone.
You felt so un-loved, but didn’t like to moan,
Could be with some-one, at dinner or a dance,
Or cuddle up on sofa, given just half a chance.

Soon it is Valentines Day, some people we find forgot,
The ones that are single, even some that are not.
But on this great day, the widows they do cry,
The one's in this life, that just don’t know why.

On this February the Fourteenth, many people will be sad,
Some that have lost loves, some that just never had.
All that are not alone, wish a blessed day to,
And those that are not, I have empathy with you.


K Bradbury very well said....or should that be versed, lol
D Eichele Thank you, Would like to share it. May I?
L Robertson alone you are no more! best line!
H Mann Well this valentines day will be really special.