Not Art

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This is not art, this that i see,
An idiot been busy, spray paint the graffiti.
Not done an image, or improved the space,
Just sprayed a tag, all over the place.

This is not art, there is no right,
You ruin the area, make it a sight.
Not done real clever, no sign of technique,
Just a quick spray, you are just weak.

This is not art, a culture not here,
Just makes things worse, leave people in fear.
Not done with style, or even with care,
Just a mindless idiot, spraying pain over there.

This is not art, the police are informed,
Just makes it harder, the gangs be warned.
Not done with malice, you can not hide,
Just a little thug, we have no pride.

This is not art, this is a crime,
Just made an area, look dirty with grime.
Not done with effort, or even with thought,
Just mindless little vandals, i hope your caught.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner