(you have one)

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Once you have one, your never the same,
If had time over, would do it again.
One of such beauty, to your own eyes,
If someone does hurt, you then so despise.

Once you have one, know what I meant,
You time so precious, that you have spent.
One of the best, you have to admire,
The love you have, is a burning fire.

Once you have one, you protect with life,
Every second your apart, cuts like a knife.
One is so perfect, in each every way,
Deep in your heart, will always now stay.

Once you have one, you will so agree,
The time you spend, so important to me.
One in your heart, becomes part of you,
When you have children, you will see too.

J Bendell Thats lovely craig xxx
K Bradbury So true Craig...so true.

©2013 Craig Wadner