Nature's Paintbrush

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Imagine a whole world, in shades of grey,
How would we manage, get through the day.
Grass not a green, no poppies bright red,
That kind of world, fills me with dread.

Mother nature's paint brush, covers all the grey,
A paint splash here, in her special way.
The sky so blue, plants are so bright,
She makes it so, which makes it right.

In this whole world, colours at every turn,
Make us feel alive, helps us to learn.
Grass so very green, poppies are so red,
This kind of world, a better one instead.

Mother nature's paint brush, glad she did play,
Paint box of colours, beauty up the day.
A sea so green, under bright yellow sun,
This makes my world, such a perfect one.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner