Poem for Siân  

This poem was created with contributed words and lines from the people mentioned.

With thoughts to you, at time so wrong,
To write a poem, with help all along.
Words of your friends, with pictures to share,
Sign of our love, because we do care.

Berit does so remind, of your special kindness,
Your love of art, and open mind-ness.
A strength of mind, in your special way,
Heart full of love, you show every day.

Whilst David does say, you are the light,
You welcome the life, you shine so bright.
Such pleasure we have, in art you create,
Try not to dwell, at this sorry state.

Declan does so add, his words to convey,
He always looks forward, your comments may say.
They are so generous, and so complimentary too,
Here's my small gift, I'm giving to you.

And Donna has added, with pictures to tell,
The thought of you, she knows so well.
Your smile is infectious, don't let it fade.
Even at the times, you may be afraid.

Hazel has so offered, some photos to cheer,
They are her selection, for you my dear.
To her are personal, to help you cope,
Wish you the strength, and of course hope.

Then there is Irina, who wants to say,
Your in my thoughts, when I do pray.
Some pictures of choice, I give to thee,
Hope you do like, what you do see.

Not a word person, unknown what to say,
Jo sends her wishes, to you this day.
The images of choice, from sunset to bee,
Part of the present, that's sent from me.

Karen wishes to send, her thoughts to you,
Some little sun shine, in an image too.
Think of your marriage, which you do belong,
A bond so great, and is so strong.

The words from Ladine, from a distant shore,
She sends her love, and so much more.
Our hearts you have, so special are you,
We have to say, in all you do.

And from Mandy too, she wants to say,
Gift of something yellow, to brighten your day.
The sight of such, to give you lift,
Another part you see, of the group gift.

Micks dragon called Siân, sent on it's way,
From wales it went, to travel this day.
With message it sends, where it does go,
The dragon is recorded, that you do know.

Paul Williams does say, don't dwell on past,
Or dream of future, things that don't last.
Focus your own mind, on the present moment,
These words and images, that have been sent.

The message from Sandra, she wishes to send,
Stay strong dear Siân, my little Welsh friend.
The inner mountain inside, you can so climb,
Tried to make difficult, for Craig to rhyme.

Stanley did so wish, to send some art,
Of flowers and butterflies, thought for a start.
The images he chose, more suited to frame,
And hope you like, to see them again.

Sophie has these words, with her pictures too,
This project she started, special gift to you.
Peace and the strength, and your kindness shown,
In a short time, our friendship has grown.

Copyright 2013 Craig Wadner + contributions from the persons mentioned