My Poetry Index
Updated 23-12-2022

The Children's poems are designed for a younger audience, as with anything i would advise parents to read through them first to make sure there is nothing that could upset their child.

DEPARTED / IN MEMORY (and poems of disaster)

The poems marked red, are rememberance poems for people i have known who have now passed from this life, the remaining poems are mainly due to natural disasters, or disasters that could be.


Some of these poems will be upsetting, however if you feel that you see yourself in the writing's dont go through it alone, contact me or speak to a friend. No matter what in life you are never alone.

Some of these poems may relate to pagan or christian religious festivals, none are inteded to push a religion to you, or put down any other. There are new life poems here for the birth of Children. Dulce et decorum est is a very powerful poem about war.
Poems about friendship, and poems i have written about friends, and one special poem written by both me and Nicola Merrills as a joint effort (duel poem).

Poems about love in the pure and best way.


Places and Monuments Old and New


By the very nature of these poems, people can argue once you start talking of nature the poem is pagan, I believe talking about your sprit and direction of life is something included in every religion to one degree or another.

If it did not fit into one of the other catagories, then I have put it here until one exists for it. I am slowely going through these making sure none should be somewhere else.

May 6th 2011 - May 5th 2012 I did a poem every other day and a photograph in between, the poems link to the photographs.
Facebook page is now unpublished, you can only view the files here now.



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