My Poetry Information & Disclaimer  

Some of my poems contain a message, all have been written from the heart.
I am going through all of my existing poems and updating them all, along with writing new ones.

Please DO NOT steal the poetry on this site and pass it off as your own, they are here to be seen, and are definetly NOT PUBLIC DOMAIN.


All my poetry is to be looked at, entirely at your own risk.
Some poetry may include references to the Anglican Church or Pagan Spiritualism.
Some may be upsetting as they were written during low points in my life.
Some may be humorous and may make you laugh.
Some are only suitable for children, and some only for adults.
There is no violence and no animals were harmed in the making of this poetry.
This poetry is supplied as is with no expressed or implied warranty.

Although not produced in factory that contains nuts, I can not guarantee the poetry to be nut free.

So if you are a person who can handle diversity and think for yourself - please click below.