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Some of these poems may relate to pagan or christian religious festivals, none are inteded to push a religion to you, or put down any other. There are new life poems here for the birth of Children. Dulce et decorum est is a very powerful poem about war.

Autumnal Equinox Mabon
Autumn (Fall) Santa
Jesus Story (Xtian) Rio Coker
Summer Solstice Daughter Pt1
New Life Remember
Reflections 2010 Summertime Joy
Valentine's Beltane
Seven Days Dulce et decorum est
Samhain English Summer
Yule Wedding Day
Samhain Night Grace's 6th Bday
Tricky Summertime Joy
Years End 2010 One Time Event 2010
Children's Party Profit
Perigee Moon Free Speech
Jasmine Angela Sharpless 40
Forgotten Plans Forgotten Plans Too
Sunset in the Rain So much hatred (Reaction to the london riots August 2011)
Murder of Innocents (Reaction to Shootings in Norway) Riot (Reaction to the london riots August 2011)
Storm Santas Night
2011 Year of disasters Soldier
Yuletide Modern Xmas (Humour)
Winter Solstice 2010 Summer is here
2012 Looking Back Mind Body and Spirit
All I ask for Xmas Blue Moon
Brittish and the Weather Catch us a Sunset
Downpour Where have you gone?
White sand Evie May Price
Eighties English Summertime
Escape to the Beach First Steps
Fool Footprint
Forgotton Plans 2012 Samhain Night
MOT Moving In
One time Event 2012 The Pumps are all empty
Reflect Resolute


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