My In Memory Poetry Index    

The poems marked red, are rememberance poems for people i have known who have now passed from this life, the remaining poems are mainly due to natural disasters, or disasters that could be.

RIP (Vic Wadner) DAD RIP Father's Day (DAD)
RIP Matthew Wadner (SON) RIP Sara Mackie (FRIEND)
Tear's (DAD) Three Words (DAD)
Remembering Matthew (SON) Dad 2011 (DAD)
Eighteen : Matthew Wadner (SON) Matthew 19 years on (SON)
Matthew : Whilst you were sleeping (SON) 20 Years
Cost (Japan) Bleed
Lament Christchurch NZ
Virus Memoriam
Blood Red Innocents Blood
Reminder of a sad event Departed
Tear's 2012 One year lost
Legend Lost Memorium Too
Memories that i treasure No Heroes
Crash Remembered  


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