My Pathfinder / Spiritual & Nature Poetry Index    

By the very nature of these poems, people can argue once you start talking of nature the poem is pagan, I believe talking about your sprit and direction of life is something included in every religion to one degree or another.

Would you Like to? Luna
Wishing Well Rainfall
Change of life Natures Plan
Lay Down Sunlight
Haunting Moon Snow Fall
Route of the heart Natures Gift
Free your mind Clock
Life's Challenge Spring
Life's play Wheel
Circle Hurts (Chant)
Hope Directions
Seed Life Jouney
Bird Song Beach
Steps Comparison
Natural Beauty Waters Edge
Leaves Autumn Mist
Snowday Snow
Sol Excellence
Broken Wheel Wind
Wealth Important
Journey The Boy
Brink Religion
Moonlight Country Air
Hawk Hill Walk
Pentacle Old Ways
Pathfinder Some Things
Spectrum Destiny
Many Paths Perfect Day
Life Plan The Boy 2012
Do Not Do Harm Faiths
Your Face Truth
The Ball Sometimes
Silence Seasons
Resolve World Prayer
One Person Friends and family
Future Friendship
Hope Courage and Faith Help at Hand


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