Illness and poems to make you think.    

Some of these poems will be upsetting, however if you feel that you see yourself in the writing's dont go through it alone, contact me or speak to a friend. No matter what in life you are never so alone.

Standing on the beach Stress of it all
Upset Hurt
Out of the dark Falling
Exhaustion Smoke
Loneliness Lonesome
Hatred Drink
Lie Tick Tock
Razor wire Fine
No Matter What Cold
Words and Deeds Unsaid Storm of the mind
Help Me Broken II
Bully Bully Generic
Fall Out Glass
Blocked 50th Weding Aniversary (Not to be)
Before you Speak Poem for Siân
Mixed Feelings Goodbye
Lycanthrope The Candle Doth Burn
Strong Darkness


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