Lasting Memory Rio Coker    
Specially for you

Bright Blessing to Rio, And Lauren his Mummy,
Now that he's born, Out of your tummy!
This is a lasting memory, For you to enjoy,
And keep safe, Just like your little boy.

Angels are rejoicing,
Your baby boy born today,
Your bundle of joy,
Be loved in every way.
Two thousand and ten,
In month of September,
On the twenty fifth day,
A birth to remember.

Born on this day,
Number two hundred and eight,
Rio Coker did arrived,
Just a tiny bit late.
Six forty four,
Your mother is shattered,
6 pounds 14 ounces,
All OK is what mattered.

Whilst you adore him,
Grandparents look on,
Will give good advice,
For your beautiful son.
Peace, Love and light,
Joy and laughter,
The angels prepared,
Help you look after.

A few facts for you, So you will know,
That on this day, In history it was so.
Sharing your day, With Christopher Reeve,
and Felicity Kendal, Great actors I believe.
Maze prison Escape, Was again no mystery,
Largest ever escape, In all of British history.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner