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For the New Year

The year almost over, time to now see,
What did go wrong, where we should be.
Next year be better, from what we learned,
Changes we will make, not to get burned.

Take all that's good, with more now found,
We cut some ties, whilst some become sound.

Those with the faith, will pray once more,
Whilst all the others, wonder what it's for.
Resolutions so readily made, will not be broke,
The ones I make, are certainly no joke.

Change to my life, welcome in the light,
Share all I am, That is my right.

Two thousand and eleven, a year to remember,
All does now change, from January to December.
Embrace all the love, and encourage the show,
Start of year comes, starts Happyiess I know.

Make 2011 the year, you get it right,
With love your priority, from morn until night.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner