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Day 56 366@40

This legend of the man, with a bow and quiver,
Held up all the rich, to make them all deliver.
Of times that have past, and tales from world old.
Spirit of a man cast, an outlaw that was bold.
If Sherif did came looking, they hid with such ease,
With his band of men, that lived amongst the trees.

This legend of the man, in clothes of Lincoln green,
Sherif might tried to find, but nowhere to be seen.
He could not now capture, the thief he had become.
With all his merry men, from Locksley he had come,
The men all did rejoice, with their cups of meed,
Banquet fit for any king, they all enjoyed the feed.

This legend of the man, so bold he did strike,
A hero he has become, poor town's folk did like.
With the love of Marion, and the will to give,
He took from rich folk, so the poor could live.
In these times of old, said he did such good,
The name is the legend, the man was Robin Hood.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner