Samhain (Halloween)

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What ever you call this night, enjoy.

Samhain a celebration, of our passed,
In Gaelic tongue, summers end classed.
Start of autumn, the seasons change,
Time changed plans, we do rearrange.
Time is cylindrical, this point in time,
Things do dissolve, made again fine,

In that gap, your ancestors call,
Tell your future, glory to all.
For palm reading, tarot will do,
Tea leaves read, best time to.
Time for crystals, dead do guide,
Our future ahead, at our side.

Nothing is bad, its all good,
So have fun, like you should.
Times for adults, young at heart,
Trick or treat, for children start.
Jack-o Lantern, to cast away,
Any bad spirits, from us today.

It has changed, to holy instead,
Not all passed, just holy dead.
Faiths become one, Halloween has begun,
Fun and laughter, for about everyone.
Whatever your faith, direction you lean,
Sure to enjoy, a Happy Halloween.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner