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Deliveries on dec 25th

The night is dark, snow is gently falling,
Santa's on his way, at your house calling.
Packing up the sleigh, with loads of toys,
To deliver them all, to girls and boys.

To pull the sleigh, he has nine reindeer,
Fly through the sky, with out any fear.
They all have names, known oh so well,
Wonder if you can, and then do tell.

There was Dasher, and was Dancer,
Not forgetting Comet, or dear Prancer.
Cupid does follow, along with Vixen,
Don't miss Donner, or reindeer Blitzen.

Rudolf 's bright red Nose, guides the great sleigh,
As they set off, to deliver presents today.
Landing on the roof, down the chimney stack,
He takes out the gifts, from the toy sack.

Children on nice list, lovely toys and treats,
Or some yummy choc's, so great to eat.
Those that are bad, a lump of coal,
So that next year, being good their goal.

Gifts all now sorted, goes back to sleigh,
On to next house, busy time this day,
So lets thank him, for what he bring,
As the children smile, and the carollers sing.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner