Santa's Night

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Delivering joy to good girls and joys

Sat in his workshop, amid loads of toys,
He checks the list, of girls and boys.
Have they been good, or have they been bad,
Will they be happy, or they be sad.

Stood with the reindeer, his helpers to hand,
Work out the way, his route is planned.
The list is rechecked, reindeer fed and ready,
Presents are loaded high, They set off steady.

Sat in his sleigh, up into the night,
With Reindeer to guide, such an amazing sight.
All the good girls, and all good boys,
The present he carries, to bring many joys.

Sat in his home, another year has past,
He cant remember when, done it so fast.
Down all those chimneys, his magic did well,
Made sure nobody saw, cant have them tell.

H Mann that's neat, made me smile coz you could picture the scene
J Hooren great poem......but time needs to slow down lol

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