Saz 01/01/1970 - 28/06/2010    
In memory of my Sara Nina Mackie, Always my Friend

Sara I have known you, more than 30 years,
The loss of you, has brought me to tears.
You were the light, to brighten our day,
We always thought forever, you would stay.

You went through time, of trouble and fear,
Times so hard, yet dreams held dear.
Your dreams and hopes, of a perfect time,
Determined to feel, always fine.

Your friends and neighbours, will never forget,
This wonderful Kind person, they have met.
With a flair for design, and photography too,
Never far from you, if you felt blue.

We will never forget, your lopsided smile,
Which you did deliberately, once in a while.
You were so honest, and perfectly true,
Which is why the world, fell in love with you.

Whilst the pain of our loss, cuts so deep,
I will try to be strong, and not stand and weep.
We wish you had stayed, with us longer yet,
I wish you eternal life, and the peace you will now get.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner