In the shadow

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The narrow medieval roads, this village is found,
Period buildings in view, as you glance around.
Under the large shadow, ruined castle and keep,
Below the hill side, that is quite steep.

The castle stands guard, high on the hill,
You do wander past, the former water mill.
Sound of the train, the station it leaves,
The clatter on rails, as the engine heaves.

Was once the village, to serve the Castle,
With all main trades, if there was hassle.
Once was the knights, of England of old,
They defended the land, so we are told.

Now place to relax, take in the scene,
Look at the ruins, what it had been.
Pause for a while, or a pleasant walk,
Have a cream tea, stop for a talk.

H Mann very good story telling in that poem, you can visualise it all
S Walker love it!!

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner