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Day 132 140911 366@40

The perfect of locations, We adjust out view,
Settings are so checked, Is in focus too.
You stand well back, So people can pass,
You wait for them, The lad and lass.

You are all ready, One more to go,
She stops in front, Blocks your view so.
There is always one, Like in lulworth bay,
Right on the edge, Still got in way.

It's a free world, You can stand anywhere,
But you would think, They might just care.
We hold our camera, Mutter under our breath,
In the icy winds, Near freezing to death.

But we did wait, The image we got,
You tried to spoil, Still got our shot.
So if you see, A camera in hand,
Please pause a moment, That would be grand!

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner