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Asked my 6 year old daughter to give me a subject to make a poem from - she said slide!

Up the steps, little girls plight,
One by one, hold on tight.
To the top, of the ride,
Sits right down, on the slide.

Woosh she goes, moves so fast,
Shame this can't, for ever last.
Back to steps, little girl goes,
One by one, that she knows.

J Hooren reminds me of hours i have spent with the kids at the park :)
S Walker Slides...what fun!!!
D Cox i love it craig :)
H Mann love this one as it's so appropriate for the weekend, on you page is a photo of little Olivia on the slide taken yesterday, so your poem made me smile in memory
C Wadner That is even more perfect :) Thank you Hazel, and better thank Grace for the idea!
H Mann thank you Grace you made a perfect connection happen LOL

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