The Snow Did Fall

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366@40 Day 280 090112

The snow did fall, a very pretty sight,
All through the day, and through the night.
As it does settle, the children do rejoice,
Shout as they play, top of their voice.

The snow does cover, all over the land,
From the pastures green, to the soft sand.
To cover it all, in blanket so white,
Which then did freeze, in the cold night.

The snow will land, and cover it all,
From the big cities, to villages so small.
The tyres do spin, and paths we scrape,
We try to move, and make our escape.

The snow that fell, a covering so white,
From the dull day, it looks so bright.
Schools are now closed, the boilers cant cope,
Ice below our feet, not falling we hope.

The snow does melt, so brown and mushy,
All through the day, has become so slushy.
Soon will be gone, and be warmer again,
Al then can complain, about all the rain.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner