The Little Boy

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The little boy looks, out of his window,
First flakes do fall, of pure white snow.
Floating in the wind, lands on the ground,
Such a magical sight, with barely a sound.

The little boy prays, for snow so deep,
Before washing and cleaning, and going to sleep.
He dreams of snow, falling from night sky,
The snow keeps floating, from way up high.

The little boy wakes, pulls the curtains quick,
It is still snowing, and getting quite thick.
Mesmerised by the flakes, sits on the bed,
No school for today, build snow-man instead.

The little boy dresses, in warmest of clothes,
Grabs boots and scarf, and downstairs he goes.
Eats up his food, and washes it down,
Mum lets him play, before going to town.

The little boy knows, just what to do,
Starts with a snowball, rolls in along too.
Before you know it, a large round ball,
Then starts on another, to make it tall.

The little boy works, so hard this day,
A snowman so great, in each every way.
Carrot for a nose, eyes of coal black,
Stones for a mouth, scarf's an old sack.

The little boy finishes, small branches for arms,
Found on the floor, doesn't do any harm.
A hat for his head, puts it on steady,
Then his mum calls, because she is ready.

The little boy runs, along with his mum,
A smile does grow, the snowman was fun.
Back at the garden, so proud he waits,
Smile of the snowman, near the garden gates.

L Walsdorf awesome poem....luv it!
H Mann beautiful, can picture it all
D Walsdorf this makes me envious as I would love to be making a snowman at Xmas and have it white white and white...really good poem...
J Hooren awww lovely dont mind snow its the horrid sleet it turned into today yuck ohhh and it was cold lol

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