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Never forget the sacrifice

The soldier digs in, near his dead friend,
No glory in war, he stands to defend.
The bullets do whip, strike ground by side,
No point in running, no where to hide.

The rumble is distant, guns they do fire,
No glory to find, grabs the barbed wire.
The shells that explode, are just over there,
No where to go, no one to care.

The soldier is wounded, sits with the dead,
No glory is found, the example was led.
The grenade does fall, on the damp land,
No where is safe, no help to hand,

The soldier does wait, fought for the cause,
No glory is his, in bloodiest of wars.
The tank does fire, soldier in his sight,
No where is left, no one to fight,

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner