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Day 16 (With day 15 picture) 366@40

Just one solitary poppy, in field of green,
Like a blood spot, where fallen have been.
Mind wanders to wars, and conflicts with cost,
Brave men and women, that were then lost.

Just one solitary poppy, looks at the sky,
Like the last glance, of soldiers that die.
Thoughts go to wars, defence of our land,
To all brave soldiers, we take your hand.

Just one solitary poppy, so bright and red,
Like eyes of family, when told their dead.
Hearts go to wars, the families we find,
Those that brave soldiers, had to leave behind.


L Walsdorf awwwwwww really love this! brought a tear to my eye
S Evans I love it too. XX
S Walker Wow, love this!!

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