Sound of the Drums
(Dragonfly Moon)

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366@40 Day 186 071111

The band are here, the stage is set,
They both get prepared, for music we'll get.
Mike's are now checked, with levels of sound,
Be prepared for drums, in music all around.

Dragonfly Moon do start, the music we hear,
The sound of voice, that's crisp and clear,
Tales of mystic lands, paths we can travel,
Were prepared for drums, as the tales unravel.

The band do play, beat of the drum,
The voice's sings out, with smiles of fun.
With stories of old, and of mystical folk,
An experience of drums, that we have spoke.

Dragonfly Moon do shine, sing with great voice,
Instruments they do play, they do by choice.
The lands of ancients, of times much worse,
Sound of the drums, to the perfect verse.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner